Snapchat Doodle Contest from Callaway Golf

Engagement is important on any social media network. After all, the ability to connect with our consumer one-on-one is what sets it a part from other media. This week Callaway Golf hosted a Snapchat doodle contest.  Doodle contest are a great example of how brands can engage with consumers on the platform. For the doodle contest, Callaway Golf shared a picture of their Chrome Soft golf ball, asked fans to screenshot it and then draw a costume on the golf ball. Fans then shared their creation to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ChromeSoftCostume

This campaign is strong for several reasons. Here’s why it works:

Template Format
Callaway Golf provided users with the same “template” to use for their snap drawing. That helped keep things consistent and guided some direction. When thinking through Doodle contests, figure out how you can provide your fans with a starting point like Callaway did. It might make the contest a little less intimidating too without a purely blank canvas.

Product Front and Center
Callaway found a way to get consumers to share their product (front and center) in a way that is authentic. Anytime you get your consumers to want spread the word, it’s a win.

They Got Fans Engaged
It’s important to find unique ways to get fans to interact and engage with your content on Snapchat. This helps foster a deeper relationship with your fans and will have them coming back to your stories and snaps over and over again. Doodle contests, like this one from Callaway, is a great example of how to get them engaged.

Cross Promotes
Asking fans to draw a doodle and then share the picture on Twitter and Facebook helps to cross promote your account. There’s a good chance that people sharing their images could prompt others to look up your account and grow your followers. Win!

As a side: Consumers are creative. Take a look at some of the stellar entries here:

A big thanks to @HashtagChad for some insight into this campaign. Be sure to leave your thoughts on Snapchat doodle contests below. 

Thanks for reading! 

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