Why The Lakers Get Instagram Stories Right

It’s time to face reality. The chronological days of Instagram are over. A new wave has surfaced. It’s a reality where posts might appear at the top of your feed three days after the fact. It’s annoying, I know.

This new reality isn’t going away though, and it means that anyone in sports must pivot their strategy. A win or lost, after-the-game post is not relevant three days later.

In-feed posts are no longer real-time. Instead, you have to think of them as evergreen. They are a news source anymore. They have to be able to be relevant 24 hours – even 72 hours after the fact.

The rules have changed. It’s time to pivot. This means teams must rethink sharing game previews, score updates and anything else that’s time sensitive in-feed. Instead, they belong on Stories.

The Lakers have done a fantastic job this season with their approach to Instagram Stories. They have leveraged them for game previews, uniforms, highlight and score updates. All things that are real time, instead of constantly forcing them in-feed. And, their visual identity is the best of the best.

Below are a few examples of the content they share:



Working in social is all about pivoting. We might not agree with or like all the change, but it’s our job as marketers to go with these changes. Pivoting with changes creates a better consumer experience. And in the long run, that’s how you create a winning presence.

So, it’s time to face the facts. The Instagram algorhithm probably is not going anywhere. How are you adjusting your strategy to reflect that?

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