Why The “IF” Is Important

Warning! This post is a test + learn where I need your honest opinion, so apologies in advanced that it is so raw and unpolished. A new year means a new opportunity to grow, and one of the ways I thought I could stretch myself in 2017 is by testing a podcast.

Why a podcast? First, this blog is a labor of love and helps me keep up with the industry, but it doesn’t stretch myself in the traditional sense. As an introvert, writing comes natural to me. Public speaking, on the other hand, does not come as natural. And while a podcast isn’t technically public speaking, it will help me practice some of my weak points and definitely push me out of my comfort zone.

With a few pushes from friends in the industry, I’ve given thought to the the type of podcast format I would embark on. It would be quick hits, musings and conversations with others in the industry. The key is that it will be specifically made for those of us with short attention spans and not a ton of time. The goal is to have a podcast where everything is under 15 minutes AND will compliment the writing on this blog.

This is my first stab at what a podcast musing might be. This audio has not been edited in anyway and it would be packaged in a nice little podcast format (and potentially shared with writing that compliments it). Before I  go down the podcast route though, I’m curious if quick hits, conversations with people in the industry and musings of less than 15 minutes will add value here?

So, without further ado, enjoy this random test + musing on my favorite topic FOMO. Share below if you think a podcast would be a welcomed addition (that is more polished than this).


  1. Jess – I’ll say this: I don’t listen to podcasts, generally (as in: hardly ever!). I used to think it’s because I don’t have time. I realize it’s actually because I’d rather read someone’s views than HEAR them – because I can quickly review things by looking at the page again, or I can chew on what I just read. Personal preference – but I’m a dinosaur. Do what you WANT!

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