Reaching Fans Through Video

There are a lot of different avenues to take when it comes to video content now. It’s easier than ever to get video content to the masses with Twitter video, YouTube, Periscope and more.

As video mediums and tools continue to rise, it becomes increasingly more important to reach fans where they are. It’s not about a this or that approach to video tools and platforms. Instead, it’s about leveraging them all to reach the greatest number of fans wherever they prefer to consume.

If you want to ensure you use each platform/tool effectively, then think about creating an internal guide on video platform best practices. Below is a guide to start thinking about the differences:



Before Twitter, Video and Instagram rolled out their own video capabilities, YouTube was always relied on. And while it’s not the only answer to video anymore, do not neglect the platform.

YouTube is not just a distribution channel. It’s a community. A community that reaches more US adults 18-34 than any cable network and has 1 billion visitors every month. Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, users are going to YouTube to seek out video content. There’s a certain value to that.

Teams should focus on a specific platform strategy for YouTube, just like they do every other platform. Take note of the content that works best, use YouTube playlists, leverage the annotation features and engage with users. Don’t forget to cross promote the content on Twitter too!

When it comes to content on the platform, anything is fair game. With no limits on length, YouTube is a great hub for more “long-form” features (even those 2 – 3 minutes). At the end of the day though, to be successful on YouTube is all comes down to create compelling content like every other platform.

Long-form storytelling, hype videos and behind-the-scenes features work well on YouTube. Here are some examples of how teams are using YouTube:



Facebook Video

Facebook has allowed brands to upload video directly to the platform for quite some time now. And between their focus on video content and autoplay, native video on Facebook outperforms any other video content on the platform.

No matter what type of video content you are looking to share on Facebook, it makes sense to go ahead and upload it directly there. There’s no reason teams should share any video links. Take a look at the NBA’s numbers on Facebook and you’ll get a sense of the reach:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.54.09 PM

Just like YouTube, all kinds of video lengths and features work well with native Facebook video. Again, it all comes down to sharing content that resonates.


Twitter Video

Twitter video is a great tool to tell a more seamless and instant story by posting video (30-seconds or less) directly to the platform. Twitter video is not a platform with its own community like Vine or Instagram, but another tool to help you create content for Twitter.

With the 30-second limits, Twitter video is a great to share player/coach interviews, quick behind-the-scenes content, the game atmosphere, etc. The content does not have to be polished; the real value is in sharing a quick and raw perspective.

Here’s a look at a few ways teams are using Twitter video:




Unlike Twitter video, Vine is its own social media network where video content is shared directly on Twitter’s timeline. The short, looping video platform has built a strong, niche community. One that loves humor, elements of surprise and excitement. If you want to know what content works best on Vine, answer this simple question: Is this something I would want to watch over and over again?

Because of the looping factor and short content bursts that Vine lends itself too, content that evokes emotion works best here. Think about awe, surprise, humor and shock. In addition, teams also capitalize on Vine’s tap feature that stops and starts the action to engage fans in a deeper way.

Here’s a look at a few ways teams are using Vine:




Periscope/ Meerkat

Live streaming is the latest craze that has taken the social media/tech world by storm thanks to Periscope and Meerkat. Both apps allow you to stream live video from your phone to all your followers.

While there’s still a long way to go in figuring out the value in live, it’s hard to deny that there’s something special about it. Kelly Mosier of the Huskers nailed it when he said “the draw for Periscope/Meerkat is giving people a seat to something first hand, in real time. Live is uncomfortable, but powerful.”

So far we’ve seen teams use it to live stream practice, interviews, behind-the-scene looks, press conferences, etc.

When thinking about how to use Periscope/Meerkat, ask what the value of live brings. Is this moment so intimate, important or emotionally fueled that watching it “now” is important. Does it make sense to forgo quality to provide the coverage instantaneous? If there’s value in brining your fan into the moment right then and there for a front-row seat, then Periscope and Meerkat could be the way to go.
In the future, video content is only going to continue to grow. It’s time to invest time and energy to figure out how you can tell your story through video and maximize all the tools for optimal reach!



What video platforms/tools do you think will continue to grow in the future? Share your thoughts below!

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Sports Biz Videos that Prove the Power of Emotion

As most of you know by now, I’m a big believer in the power of video to tell a story. I love anything that taps into emotion, whether it is humor, nostalgia, thrill, happiness, empathy or awe. And video helps to convey emotion because it shows, not tells. Content that evokes emotion connects the consumer/fan in a way that compels them to pay attention and share. Emotion is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful marketing tools.

To serve as some inspiration for your content, I’ve rounded up another list of sports-related videos you need to watch now. I’m sure something will inspire you in your work, so enjoy:


Under Armour: How It Ends

This video is clearly speaking to Under Armour’s younger consumer who is still playing the game. The concept is simple, but the script is strong and inspiring. It’s a great example of how an inspirational video does not have to be too complex. Well done from Under Armour!


Speedo USA: Fueled by Water

Speedo is trying to change the perception of their brand to appeal to a wider range of athlete, not just the competitive one. This video, “Fueled by Water”, kicked off their campaign. It’s for anyone and everyone who loves the water. It’s for the young and old and everyone in between. I think Speedo nailed their big idea here: As they say in the video, it’s about finding your forever pace. Speedo and their agency tapped into how swimming makes you feel. And the emotion here makes me want to get back into the pool and start swimming laps.

In addition to the video, Speedo has launched a much larger campaign. You can check out the microsite and other initiatives here.


Binghamton Athletics- No. 1 Fan

Binghamton Athletics shows how you can create something special without a large production budget. They tapped into emotion, focusing on the special bond between parents and student-athletes.  This “surprise and delight” video stunt captures what it means to be a student-athlete at Binghamton and the powerful journey both parents and athletes go on. The end result is a wonderful and delightful video that leaves you tearful. After watching, you will want to thank those in your life who have helped you along the way.


Chicago Blackhawks-#WhatsYourGoal Christina

Grab some tissues for this one. This is what sports are all about. This is the story of how Patrick Sharp helps a fan’s dream come true. It’s a great reminder that the power of sports transcends far beyond the scoreboard.


UGA- We Belong to the G

UGA has found a way to tell a powerful story of their team, their fans and the passion of the UGA community. Just watch and listen to the powerful words. I promise it will make you remember why we all love sports.


Together- Washington DC

This is the video Washington DC put together for their Olympic Bid. And, in my opinion, the video taps into the emotion and energy of their city and people perfectly.


NBA- Breaking Barriers

I’m not always a fan of brands jumping on holidays, but the NBA has a rich history of firsts when it comes to breaking down racial barriers and proverbial glass ceilings. This connection to the holiday makes sense for their brand and their history, and the spot was tastefully done.


GoPro- On the Ice with the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) created this video to announce a new partnership with GoPro. The series will allow fans to “step on the ice” and catch a rare glimpse into the players’ unique skill sets. This video does a great job tapping into the excitement and anticipation of the partnership.


Duke Basketball- The Next Chapter

This video from Duke Athletics is really well done. It taps into the rich history of their program and the dreams of their current players. It’s a great balance between the present and the future, and a great example of how hype videos can tap into emotion.


Colts- Two Claps

This video is a great example of how fans crave behind-the-scenes content. It’s raw and unedited, but has had more than 5 million views on Facebook. It brings the passion of the team to the fans.


Minnesota Gophers- Through the Lens

I already featured this video series on the blog, but it’s worth another plug. Minnesota Wrestling’s “Through the Lens” series is a great example of how teams can tell the personal stories of their team and take fans along the emotional journey. I love how the Gophers have found several different angles to tap into. The whole series is worth nothing.


Georgetown- Jack Meets Blue III

This video doesn’t have a huge emotional play, but it’s fun and brings two fanbases together. Plus, who doesn’t like dogs? I think this is a great example of thinking creatively about the stories you can tell. It’s fresh, fun and fans loved it.


So there you have it: 12 great sport-centric videos to serve as inspiration to you. I hope you enjoyed them all.




Have you see any videos lately from teams, leagues or others in the sports industry that caught your attention? Be sure to share them below.

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Three Football Videos that Steal the Show so Far

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which in case you didn’t know, means football is in full gear! Yes, I love this time of the year because I’m a huge football fan, but I also love it for another reason: With the start of football season, comes a lot of content.

I especially enjoy the football hype and intro videos that are produced this time of year. These videos tap into so much emotion (anticipation, nostalgia, excitement, etc.) and have the ability to move fans in a way that’s hard to do week after week (unless of course you’re having a golden season). Good football trailers and hype videos can also serve multi-purposes, working great in-venue and online.

I’ve gone through this year’s videos that are available online right now and pulled out some of my favorites, with a little insight into why. I hope you’ll find some inspiration in them:

1. Florida: A New Season 

Florida put football and Michael Buble together and made it work. What’s not to like? In all seriousness, a big “kudos” to the Florida video team for this video. They took into consideration the season they had last year and knew that the typical highlight reel with big hits and action shots wouldn’t work. Understanding that, they took a chance and deviated from the norm with an unlikely song and great imagery to go with it.

Additionally, the idea “it’s a new day” is simple. Most great ideas start with a simple concept, so before you start storyboarding, come up with the simple (but grand) idea for the year. What’s the theme? What’s the story you are trying to tell? Boil it down to a few words or a sentence and go from there.

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Faces of the Big Ten

People remember stories. Tell them.

I believe that stories are the thread that connects consumers to brands. A brand that knows how to tell a powerful story is memorable. After all, emotion is one of thing that ties humans together.

We need more storytelling from teams and leagues. There’s too much on-the-field action and not enough human-interest pieces.  There’s too much stats coverage and not enough behind-the-person coverage.  ESPN has seen success with their storytelling pieces from 30 to 30 to their College GameDay features, and it’s time to take notice.

Fans don’t only care about what the players do on the field. They also care about who they are off the field. Why? Because their personal struggles and gains, tragedies and triumphs are what makes professional athletes relatable. It’s the human emotion.

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World Cup Content: Stepping It Up

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is more than a month away, but content is already ramping up in anticipation for the world stage.  We’re use to seeing brands come out in full force around major sporting events, but there’s been something special about what I’ve seen for the World Cup so far.

Powerade, Nike and ESPN have all launched videos surrounding the event.  And, all three of them have nailed it because they understand why things catch on.

I talk a lot about the power of emotion in social media and sport. I’m a big believer that emotion is the thread that ties fans and teams together. Whether or not you have played a sport, you understand the emotion– anticipation, excitement, anguish, pure joy, etc.– players’ experience.

Think about it: Emotion is what makes sports so relatable across the globe.  

All three videos tap into emotion, while telling stories, which studies have shown are keys to getting people to share (learn more about that here). Below are the three videos, along with some takeaways from the campaigns:

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