Locker Room Access Provides Colts Digital Team Golden Content

I’m a big believer in behind-the-scenes content. And while I know that access can be hard to get, I believe it’s important in sports. It’s content that doesn’t compete with television, media or anyone else: It’s a team and organization’s story to own.

Content that peeks behind the curtain also helps to humanize the team and make fans feel like they are a part of the journey. It’s invaluable. If a team is investing resources in social media, then they need to be investing in a way to make behind-the-scenes access happen. I realize it takes time, processes and relationship building, but it’s worth doing the work to get it done.

There are many examples of great behind-the-scenes content this season, but one of my favorites comes from the Colts. Every game the social media / digital team seems to have stellar access to the locker room postgame. They have managed to capture golden content, ranging from victory dances to emotional speeches. I’m not even a Colts fan, but the content makes me want to root for the team. Why? It puts me in the middle of the celebration and shows the emotional, fun and human side of the team. The quick glances at these personal moments make the amoxicillin very likable.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite moments from the Colts locker room access this year. I think you’ll see why type of access provides such a golden opportunity for teams:










What do you think? Is this type of content important for teams? Share your thoughts below!

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