Behind the Making of Beauty & the Bull

Snapchat has been a hard platform for marketers, brands and teams to crack. The platform has challenged creative standards. It has focused more on audience and storytelling versus organic brand growth. And, it gives very little to no data to marketers. The struggle has been figuring out what the unique POV is, aside from “behind-the-scenes” look at games and events, along with the ROI.

On the flip side, the limitations and nuances also challenge marketers to think outside-the-box. Capturing attention on Snapchat requires vulnerability, strong storytelling and cultural context.

A few weeks ago the Chicago Bulls brought to life an idea that stood out from all the clutter. It was an idea that was right for Snapchat– but even more, completely original for the industry. Aligning with the launch of Beauty and the Beast, they released their own version of the musical. Watch the magic below:



This Snapchat play from the Bull wins on many levels. First, they took a cultural moment and put their own unique + relevant brand spin on it. Second, they brought to life the story without overproducing (natural + right for the platform). And finally, it’s a completely fresh and compelling idea.

Luka Dukich, the Chicago Bulls digital content manager, took time to answer a few questions behind the musical and how it all came to life. There’s a lot to learn from their approach, so enjoy his insights below.


1. What’s the team’s overall approach + strategy to Snapchat?

As with all our social platforms, we want to create differentiated content that sets us apart from what everyone is doing, while still feeling relevant to the platform. We don’t just want to do what everybody else is doing; we push ourselves to think bigger, better and different. We’re fortunate to have a large following on Snapchat with fans around the world tuning in for a peek at the Bulls. We give those fans a variety of different content centered around the team and our players. We do of course use Snapchat like the other teams do in that we’ll provide a behind-the-scenes look at the team, a few Snaps of the game itself from courtside and in the stands, that kind of thing. But we really wanted to find ways to utilize the platform, show people something they haven’t seen before and not just get stuck in the routine of doing the same type of content over and over again.


2. How did the idea for Beauty and the Bull come about?

It came from the strategy of wanting to show people something different, something we and they haven’t seen before. Before this season started, we came up with a concept of doing narrative ‘skits’ on Snapchat – pre–scripted stories that were made specifically for the platform, rather than using Snapchat to record an event that’s already happening. We brought the idea to one of our partners, BMO Harris Bank, who have been willing to dive in and do these ambitious digital content ideas with us. They jumped right in the deep end with us, and they deserve a lot of credit for that.

We tested it out the day before the season started with a story of Benny the Bull trying to get himself in shape for opening night. It was a small and pretty goofy story, but people seemed to really like it. The response we started getting made us realize people were really following along with a story, and it made us realize we had something there. We spent the next few months coming up with some other concepts for Snapchat stories, and our ideas kind of evolved from there. At one point we knew one of the stories we wanted to tell would be a Snapchat musical, though there were varying opinions even internally about how well a musical would even work in this format. We wanted to be able to tell a story that people were familiar with and do a parody of an existing musical, and with the movie due to be released we thought it was the perfect fit.


3. Out of all the platforms, why did you all decide Snapchat was the right play for this?

Every platform has different strengths, but we just felt that this would be something so new for the Snapchat platform that it would make the biggest impact doing it on there. We also built this specifically for ‘Snapchat Stories’ – with part of our thinking being that the product was called ‘Stories,’ despite very few people actually doing any kind of traditional storytelling there. I think there are a lot of creative people and teams on Snapchat, but we hadn’t seen anything like this, so we were really excited to bring a different approach to the medium. The other big positive for us (and our partner, BMO Harris!) is that when fans are watching on Snapchat, you have their full attention – their entire phone screen is Snapchat. While on some of the other platforms you can scroll through quicker or not be paying full attention, we knew if you were watching on Snap, we’ve got your attention.


4. One of the many things I loved about Beauty & The Bull was that you executed through the app itself with raw, lo-fi content (which feels authentic to users). Still, you all still executed extremely well.

What tips do you have for teams trying to create authentic, but quality, content on the platform?

We wanted this to look human – like you can do this yourself if you so desired. This isn’t some super-produced piece of content that we used a ton of expensive equipment to film and then we chopped it up and put it on Snapchat. We shot this with a phone, and played the music through a speaker next to the phone, and it was so lo-fi that it looks like every other Snap video your friends are posting. I think if you’re authentic to the platform, people will respond to it. It’s way cooler and more relatable to see something like this, shot through a phone, than some camera very few people have access to. Quality and authentic content doesn’t necessarily always mean meticulously produced – just be natural and true to the platform, and don’t try to force it, or else you might end up looking like Steve Buscemi in this GIF:


5. What advice would you give to a team that is hesitant to go all on Snapchat?

I would just say it’s important to have a plan. Don’t just have one just to have one. But it’s just another medium where you can be creative, reach people and tell stories. It’s right there for you – all you need is a phone.


6. What are the keys to pushing out-of-the-box thinking with your team?

We’re fortunate to have a huge audience, but we have to keep that audience engaged. To do that, we want to continue to give them things they haven’t seen before. It’s important to us that our internal teams feel like it’s okay to fail, as long as you’re failing trying something new and learning something in doing so. This gives us a lot more ability to sell through ideas where we’re the first to bring them market. We’re not asking “Who else has done this?” as a way of validating any of our ideas. We’re lucky to have a great team here organization-wide, and people who are willing to do things that are quirky or a little more out there, as long as we can explain why we think that they will work. Most importantly, if you believe in the idea, other people will too. It sure helps when you work with a partner like BMO Harris Bank, who trust our team and have proven multiple times that they are willing to go in on something like this with you as well – it encourages and empowers our team to continue to think of ideas outside the box.



A big thanks to Luka Dukich of the Chicago Bulls for taking the time to answer questions. You can give him a follow on Twitter here: @itsluka.

7 Strong Social Plays During the NBA Finals

The NBA is one of the most innovative digital and social leagues, so it’s no surprise that the digital and social coverage has been top notch. From embracing technology to a focus on original content, the league, teams and other outlets nailed their coverage of the NBA Finals. Below are seven strong plays worth noting:


Sharp Graphics

Strong visual content is key to social now. Not only are people visual by nature, but it helps your content stand out from the crowd. The NBA, Cavs and Warriors had strong visual content throughout the NBA Final

The Warriors and Cavs defined a consistent look and feel, while the NBA mixed up their creative. I like the approaches respectively. For teams, there’s something to be said about strong, consistent branding. For the NBA, since they cover so many teams and games, it’s interesting to see different creative elements throughout the season.

Here are some of the highlights:

As a bonus, I also like how the NBA crowdsourced designs using #NBAart to give fans a chance to be featured on their Instagram and on @NBATV broadcast. There are so many creative fans out there. Not only does this leverage their creativity, but it build community and loyalty by getting your fans engaged. Below are some of the amazing UGC submissions they used.


Messenger Experimentation

There has been a lot of talk in our industry about bots. Thanks to the rise of messenger apps and the need for a personalized experience industry leaders are leaning to chatbots as the future, Here’s a good read on chatbots if you’re interested.

The NBA capitalized on this trend by launching a chatbot on Messenger. The bot delivered fans instant highlights during the NBA Finals. The process to set it up was easy and seamless, and I was pushed wonderful highlights at the end of each game.


While there are limitations to what the chatbot delivers, I applaud the NBA for being on the forefront. All the data points to a strong rise in messaging and chatbots. And for a league that has built so much equity in their online and digital presence, it makes sense that they would be on the forefront. Brands that fall behind the curve risk being cut out of the conversation. The NBA won’t be one of those brands.


Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has been on the rise for awhile now, recently reaching 150 million daily users. And while teams, leagues and brands are going all in on it, there is one thing all of us as marketers should note: this platform is a lot different than others. It’s not about the push. The power on the platform is in empowering OTHERS to share brand love.

Snapchat gives teams, leagues and brands the opportunities to empower others to share brand love through their geofilters and lenses. And there were some strong, creative ones during the NBA Finals.

As you continue to build out your Snapchat presence, it’s worth investing heavily in geofilters around games and events. Be creative, have fun with it and empower your fans.


Smart Messaging to Fans

The Warriors did a good job of messaging to their fans. The content saluted Dub Nation and created an emotional, FOMO-like effect, whether it was their hype videos or their ticket promos.

When you directly speak to fans, it makes the content more personal and emotional. And, content that resonates emotionally is more likely to be shared. Don’t just push messages to your fans; speak to them directly and personally. It’s not about a push, but about pulling them in.


3-Second Ads

@UABasketball created three second ads for every three pointer Curry made during the playoffs. And, before you call me biased, let me state that I DO NOT work on the basketball business at UA. I’m extremely proud of the place I work, but I try to stay away from our own work… this one deserves a nod though.

There’s power in simplicity. The concept of three second ads for three pointers is simple, but that’s why it’s brilliant. UA Hoops doesn’t have to be everything to everyone during the finals; instead, they can offer their unique value. It’s an easy concept to grasp and the content is entertaining and humorous.

The lesson here is that the best ideas are often simple ideas. If you can’t communicate your big idea in 60 seconds, then you probably need to focus and hone in more. You can read more about the three-second ad activation here.


Bleacher Report’s Original Content

In the crowded social media and sports space, it’s hard to stand out from the noise. The key in doing so is creating your own, unique point of view and Bleacher Report has done just that. Throughout the finals and playoffs, Bleacher Report killed it with their own, branded content. They tap into humor, pop culture, drama and the sentiment of the internet. Their content not only performs well, but if often beats out the likes of media competitors, the league and teams. Here are a few highlights:

The approach Bleacher Report takes to content might not be right for your brand or team, but it’s an important lesson in defining your point of view. What’s your purpose for your fans online? It’s time to give some serious consideration to it if you want to stand out from all the noise. Read more about defining a POV here.



During the NBA Finals, Twitter partnered with the NBA and Samsung for 360-degree video deal. Twitter cards linked out to videos shot with 360-degree cameras, allowing users to click and drag around the scene. Read more about it here.

While I wish users were not driven away from the platform, I love the immersive experience and how intuitive it is to mobile. As technology improves, fans expectations are going to continue to grow around the experience we provide through digital. Part of that expectation will be a more immersive experience, and this is a great example of how it can be delivered.



What stood out to you from a social and digital perspective with the NBA Finals this year? Share your thoughts below.

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GIF Inspiration From The Basketball Season (So Far)

I talked about this early in the football season, but the sports industry is stepping up its GIF game. Long gone are the days where teams and leagues focus only on pop culture GIFS. Now, teams and leagues are creating their own on-brand GIFS with originality and creativity. I curated a great collection of GIFS for the football season. Now it’s time for basketball to shine.

Before we get into the examples though, here are some tips for using GIFS:


No. 1- Pick your moments.

GIFS can be overused. Take the time to think through a strategy for your GIFS and figure out the moments where you can use them for the greatest impact. What moments cause great reactions? That’s when GIFS work well. Remember, GIFS are a treat and not an every tweet thing.


No. 2- Avoid redundancy.

GIFS can be a powerful content piece to enhance play-by-play coverage. It gets extremely redundant thought using the exact same GIFS over and over again for a certain moment. If you plan GIFS for certain in-game plays, then consider creating several options to pull from. GIFS can absolutely be repurposed and used again, but there’s a fine line before the content gets boring. It’s important to find a way to mix it up.


No. 3- Find the humor in YOUR brand/team.

Teams often look to find humorous GIFS outside their team, but humorous GIFS can be really powerful when teams leverage their own footage to give us a laugh. Take the time to go through football and find those funny moments you can splice and dice.

Julie Phayer of the Warriors actually did a poll asking what type of GIFS fans preferred GIFS that featured the team and players over pop culture ones:


No. 4- Focus on cadence.

GIFS work well on Twitter because they’re short, sweet and quick. If you go about creating graphic-heavy GIFS, make sure the cadence is quick enough to grab and keep your fan’s attention. The cadence is a bit art and science, but play around with the length and movement to understand what works best.


No. 5- If you use pop culture GIFS….

make them relevant to your team. A few of us in the #smsports community got into a conversation about GIFS, and @Ober made a great point: Pop culture GIFS are more impactful when the theme somehow ties back to your brand (even loosely). His example:  The Eagles using Fresh Prince GIFs because of the Philly connection.


Now that you have these tips in mind, it’s time to get inspired. Below is a collection of some of the best GIFS I have seen so far this basketball (NBA and college) so far this season. Enjoy!





























Have you seen any GIFS you love? Share them below!

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Social Media Inspiration from the 2015 NBA Draft

Teams often come out swinging during big moments like the NBA Draft. With a captivated and engaged audience, it’s the perfect time to make a big social media splash. After following along during the first round, it was clear that many teams approached the night with a vision and plan; there was a lot of stellar social media content shared.

Below is a look at some of the best trends from teams during the 2015 NBA Draft First Round. There is sure to be some inspiration for your work in here:


Draft Graphics

Teams rolled out some great graphics as picks were announced. Teams, like the Lakers and Knicks, even hit send as the picks were announced. So speedy! It’s clear many of the teams prepped templates and prepared for all scenarios. This is key to winning on social in sports, no matter the event or situation. Below is a look at some of the great graphics from the draft.


Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes content is always golden in sports. It brings your fans closer to the action, team and players. Below are some of the ways teams gave fans a glimpse inside the NBA Draft.


Creative Content

Several teams got creative with their content, which is always refreshing to see. Don’t get stuck in a content rut. Push the boundaries and think creatively!


Anticipation Graphics/Tweets

Several teams tap into fan anticipation. Right before a pick emotions are high, so on-the-clock graphics, countdowns, etc. are a good way to evoke emotion and get fans to share content.


Personal Messages

Several teams shared videos of their players sending personal messages to their fans. Video messages like this are a great way to showcase players’ personalities, while fostering a stronger connection with your fans online.




What were some of your favorite trends from the 2015 NBA Draft? Be sure to share them below!

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50 Social Media Moments from NBA Teams During Round 1

The NBA consistently sets the bar as a league in social media, so it comes as no surprise that the teams stepped up during Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs. From clever copy to stellar video content, the coverage was consistently on point.

And even though Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs is in full swing, it’s not too late to reflect on the great social moments of the playoffs so far. Here are 50 memorable social media moments from teams during Round 1 (in no particular order). It’s hard to capture all the great moments, but this list at least shows why NBA teams continuously get praise for their social media work. Enjoy!


1- Hawks Make it About Family

The Hawks always find unique ways to rally their fans. As the playoffs kicked off, they asked fans to change their last name on Twitter to “Hawks”. It’s great to see teams use unique call-to-actions because it builds a strong sense of community among fans.


2- Strength in Numbers Video Series

The Warriors have produced fantastic video content this season. One series that stands out is “Strength in Numbers”, chronicling their season in chapters. The Warriors have continued the series into the post-season and the content continues to get stronger and stronger. The series does a great job of hyping up fans, tapping into emotion and telling a piece of the story. Below is a look at three “Strength in Number” videos created for Round 1. Together these videos had more than 400,000 views on Facebook:


3- Brooklyn Nets Use Storify to Provide Players’ POV

The Brooklyn Nets created a Storify featuring tweets and social content from their players during Round 1. Players are obviously a huge part of a team’s story and this example is a great way to leverage them, their stories and point of view. See the Storify here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.15.32 PM


4- Pelicans Use a Simple But Powerful Pairing

Content does not have to be labor intensive from a creative point of view. This example from the Pelicans shows how strong copy with a strong image can resonate with fans, with or without design work.


5- Hawks Have Fun With Post-It Notes

The Hawks had a little fun in the office, so they used the opportunity to create social content. This is a great example of how content opportunities are all around. Keep your eyes and ears open and get creative!


6- Cavs Thanks Fans & Look Ahead

Once the Cavs secured a spot in the Playoffs, they released a video thanking their fans and looking towards the playoffs. The video features the players saying “thanks”. It would be easy to have two different cuts of this video ready to go– one if the team makes it and one if the team does not. The video is a great example of planning ahead with content and catering to your fans:


7- Bulls Let Artists Take the Reigns

The Chicago Bulls have one of the sharpest Instagram accounts in the NBA. Their look is fresh, clean but also dramatic. Take a look through their photos at the engagement and you’ll see that the content resonates with fans too.

During Game 1 the Bulls let two artists takeover their Instagram account. The artists’ style fit the team’s look and feel, and they ended up producing stellar content for them. This is a great example of leveraging influencers creatively!


View this post on Instagram

Our fans #SeeRed (photo @nopattern)

A post shared by Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls) on



View this post on Instagram

See you at the top. #SeeRed (photo @nopattern)

A post shared by Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls) on


8- Brooklyn Suits Up

Inside access is important in sports, but access doesn’t have to be intrusive. This picture from the Brooklyn Nets is a great example of giving fans a peek behind the curtain without being invasive:


9- Spurs Create Quickly

The Spurs were able to tweet out this celebratory graphic for Kawhi Leonard during the game and it got great traction. It’s a good example of the need to turn out quick, sharp graphics during milestones and moments of celebration. Creating templates can help ease the process and turnaround time.


10- LA Clippers Create Time-lapse Video

When thinking through a content plan, it’s important to figure out how to differentiate the content and provide a unique point of view. Time-lapse videos, like this one from the @LAClippers, are one way to do so:


11- Cavs Hype Kids Wins

This hype video is everything. Not only is this hype video fantastic, but the Cavs asked fans to create their own hype video. It’s a great example of thinking outside the box, having fun and getting fans engaged with a call to action.


12- Warriors Nail Heartbeat Tweet

This is the social media content trifecta: The perfect image, the perfect copy and the perfect timing. This is a great post from the Warriors!


13- Nets Movie-like Promo

This short playoff clip on Instagram feels like a vintage movie promo. It’s great to see teams mix up the type of content they share and try different themes. Differentiation is key from standing out in all the noise.

View this post on Instagram

The journey begins… #Nets #WeArePlayoffs

A post shared by Brooklyn Nets (@brooklynnets) on


14- Cavs Prove Simple Is Often Best

The Cavs have shared emotional team pictures with simple one-word statements throughout the first round that have performed well across platforms. It’s a great example of how simple is often powerful.


15- Mavs Give Fans a Pass

Excuse notes like this from the Mavs are not new idea, but they are still a great opportunity to empower fans to share content. If a team finds itself on the big stage, it’s important to share content that encourages fans to rally.


16- Spurs Show What It Means To Represent

When covering a game, it is important to keep eyes and ears open. What’s the extraordinary in the ordinary? This photo used from the Spurs is a great example of finding the unusual in the arena and turning it into stellar social content.


17- Cavs Serve As the Eyes & Ears

The Cavs social media team caught a video of the players shaking hands after the game. This little piece of content is a small glimpse into the chemistry and camaraderie of the team. It’s so important to be at the right place at the right time to capture these moments for fans.




18- Trail Blazers Journey Begins Tonight

The Trail Blazers created a fantastic promo video for the start of the playoffs featuring the voices of the players, their insight and how they felt about the games ahead. This is a different take on the normal game highlight promo videos we see; it’s strong because it taps into the emotional side of the team.


19- The Clippers Lay It All On the Line

This is another great example of the perfect image and copy choice. Simple wins, so don’t overthink it.


20- Spurs Share Simple Quote

There’s absolutely nothing fancy about this, but it still got 23K+ interactions. The emotion in the quote does all the work. Remember, not everything has to be labor intensive. If the content taps into emotions then people will engage with it.



21- Grizzlies Practice Good Sportsmanship

Showing good sportsmanship is a great way to humanize the team and account. This is a good example from the Grizzlies.


22- Warriors Get Clever

This photo is a result of a social media manager thinking cleverly on her feet. It’s also a great example of creating fun content that resonates with fans without being edgy. So well done!


23- Mavs Have Fantastic Creative

Not every piece of social content needs to have a lot of creative behind it, but it’s always good when teams think creatively about certain graphic series. The Mavs have some fantastic creative for their score graphics, game plugs, etc.




24- Trail Blazers Stay On Brand With GIFS

GIFS are a great way to a make statement through content. The Trail Blazers do a great job of taking their own video footage and splicing it for some on-brand GIF fun. This is a great way to resonate with fans without resorting to pop culture GIFS.


25- Hawks Give Fans Hope

The Hawks tapped into the hope of the season, finding an emotional storyline for this playoff video. The message ties in nicely with their True Believer slogan. It’s one of those sports videos that will give you goosebumps (and it had 185,000+ views on Facebook).


26- Spurs Share Notable Fan Content

Many teams have fans who are celebrities/influencers. It’s important to monitor the conversation around teams and engage or share influencer content when there’s an opportunity.


27- Nets Highlight Fan Photos

The Brooklyn Nets put together a simple but cute Instagram video featuring fan photos. User-generated content is a great way to build community, thank fans and create content in a cost-effective manner.


28- Trail Blazers Waste No Time

After their season-ending loss, the Trail Blazers wasted no time thanking their fans. They didn’t just have a graphic and copy ready; they had a video ready to share. The video got more than 300 retweets on Twitter alone. It’s a great example of being prepared.


29- Rockets GIFs Get a Little Crazy

It’s hard to know what to think of this GIF exactly. It is on brand though and certainly stands out. Nonetheless, it seems appropriate for this list because it is so… different (plus, fans seemed to like it).


30- Celtics Keep Game Time Simple

The simplicity in these game graphics make for a powerful statement from the Celtics. They evoke a certain nervousness (in a good way) and help fans imagine the calm before it all. It’s another great example of how simple can be powerful.

View this post on Instagram

Game time. #LetsGoCeltics

A post shared by Boston Celtics (@celtics) on

View this post on Instagram

Game time. #LetsGoCeltics

A post shared by Boston Celtics (@celtics) on


31- Rockets Use Hashtags to Make a Statement

At first glance there is nothing fancy about the copy or graphic from this @HoustonRockets tweet. Look closer though: The hashtag seals the deal with perfection punctuation. Hashtags, used sparingly, can make a great statement.


32- Trail Blazers Have Emoji Game

Emojis have become all the rage online. In fact, they are replacing slang on the Internet. Emojis can be a great way to spice up your content when used sparingly and strategically. This tweet from the Trail Blazers is a great example of how to use emojis right. It is cool, effortless and on point.


33- Warriors Plug Tickets the Right Way

When pushing ticket sales out on social, it’s important to pull people in with a strong piece of content. How are you going to get their attention? A hard sell alone won’t work. This tweet from the Warriors is a great example of plugging ticket sales the right way; it features a video of Curry along with the link to buy tickets.


34- The Bulls Showcase Staff

It’s rare for fans to get a peek behind the curtain of front office staff. The Bulls found the perfect opportunity to showcase a glimpse of life for their staffers while resonating with their fans. It’s all about the copy and tapping into the emotion of being “ready”.


35- Rockets With the Perfect Pair

This is just another great example of strong imagery with strong copy. Again and again simple wins.


36- The Nets Lets the Image Work

Sometimes there is a perfect picture waiting for the perfect moment. This from the Brooklyn Nets is a great example of that.


37- The Bulls Arrive

Many of the teams in the NBA are good at showcasing their players arriving to the venue, in style of course. Below are a few examples from the Bulls. As you can see, this small piece of behind-the-scenes content resonates with fans.


38- The Clippers Fly Away

A large part of working in social media and sports is telling a story, from practice to travel to the game. This is a great example of telling that story in a subtle way. It’s a generic plane shot, yet it got more than 17,000 likes. Why? Because fans want to be a part of the journey and this post was a simple way to bring them into it.


39- Bulls Design for the Platforms

Too often we see teams creating one set of graphics for every platform. The Bulls are one of the few that actually design for each one, making the content much easier to consume.

View this post on Instagram

#BullsWin to take 3-0 series lead! #SeeRed

A post shared by Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls) on

40- Spurs Go Twining

This is exactly how it sounds: Combining tweets with singing. And yes, it’s utterly brilliant.


41- LA Clippers Start With a Perfect Picture

Sometimes no caption is needed. This is a perfect example of that.


42- Raptors GIF, Literally

This is a good example of using a pop culture GIF that’s on brand. If anyone can get away with a GIF of running dinosaurs, it’s the Raptors. Fans loved it too.


43- LA Clippers Share a Great Moment

It’s so important for social media managers to be the eyes and ears of their fans. This picture from the LA Clippers is a great example of taking your fans behind-the-scenes for more intimate moments. A strong piece of content!


44- Pelicans Handle a Loss Through Sportsmanship

Handling a loss is no easy feat, but this is a good example of how to handle one. Show sportsmanship!


45- Warriors Snapchat Scavenger Hunt

In the days leading up to the Warriors’ first home playoff game, the team gave away playoff tickets and prizes on Snapchat through a scavenger hunt. This is a great way to engage with fans on the platform.


46- Trail Blazers Going up, on a Tuesday

Everyone likes good lyrics in their life. When the moment is right, don’t be afraid to bust them out (or a rhyme).

View this post on Instagram

Going up, on a Tuesday.

A post shared by Portland Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) on


47- Raptors Leverage Facebook Photo Albums

After every game, the Raptors shared a photo album of action shots. This is a great way to recap the game and give fans content to consume. Don’t forget to leverage Facebook albums when you have a broad story to tell!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.29.11 PM


48- Bucks Follow Up a Big Win Accordingly

Timing is everything. When the Bucks beat the Bulls in by a buzzer shot from Bayless, they immediately posted two videos on Facebook. The first was a raw video view of the bench as the team ran to the court and the second was a clip of the game-winning shot.. The quick turnaround on this videos was key for the Bucks— tapping into fans’ emotions while they are high.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.39.16 PM


49- Celtics Give Due to Their Fans

Fans are the heartbeat of your community. It’s important to show them thanks, especially as the season comes to an end. This graphic from the Celtics is a great example of how to do so.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.41.18 PM


50- Raptors Photo Gets a Treatment

The unique color treatment on this Instagram post made the content stand out. The picture has one of the higher engagement rates in recent weeks. It’s a great reminder that it’s important to mix things up.

View this post on Instagram

It's begun. #WeTheNorth #RTZ

A post shared by Toronto Raptors (@raptors) on


What moments stand out to you from Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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