Design Inspiration from the #MLBDraft

Big moments, like the MLB Draft, are always a great opportunity to get new design inspiration.  So for a spark of creative brilliance, here are some of the MLB teams and athletics departments graphics from MLB Draft.






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A Look at the 2015 NFL Schedule Release Graphics & Tactics

The NFL schedule release is a big day now for sports fans and teams. Social media gives the league and teams an opportunity to drum up excitement for the upcoming season like never before. And of course, most teams are taking advantage of that opportunity. Some teams opted to publish the schedule in its entirety on their platforms, while others drove people to their websites. Whatever the approach, here’s a look at the schedule graphics from each team:


In addition to solid graphics, there were several trends that stood out from the NFL schedule releases that would apply to other big announcements. If you are planning on releasing big news or information, then consider these tactics that NFL teams used:



Many NFL teams reminded fans about their schedule release through countdown graphics and copy. When drumming up excitement for opening day, a big announcement, etc. a countdown is always a good way to go. Not only does it drum up excitement for fans, but it also keeps the date and time top of mind.


Give an emotional tease.

During schedule releases and big announcements, fans are filled with emotions. Tap into the emotion by teasing the fans throughout the day with content that pulls at them, like GIFS. Here are a few examples from NFL teams (some of these also fall inline with the countdown):


Tell the story in a different way.

It’s easy to default to copy and graphics to tell the story when working on an announcement or social media plan leading up to a big event. There are many ways to tell a story though, so be sure to capitalize on all of them. Here are a few examples of how NFL teams tackled their schedule release a little differently, from the schedule in a Vine to unique video content:


Coming this fall…

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Keep the momentum going.

Many NFL teams kept the momentum going by linking backing to interesting content on their websites and sharing interesting tidbits. With any kind of announcement or big moment, it’s important to keep the momentum. Don’t announce and walk away, but instead, find ways to engage and share content throughout the day:



So next time you are ramping up for a season opener, big event or announcement, remember these tactics from the NFL: Count it down, give an emotional tease, tell the story differently and keep the momentum going. If you do this, you will be sure to make a big splash!



What stood out to you about the 2015 schedule release content from NFL teams? Share your thoughts below!

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Coaching Resume Infographic

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.42.38 PM

When the Atlanta Falcons announced a new head coach, they created the graphic above to display all of his credentials. This is a great example of how you can use visuals to tell a story, both on and off the field. And, this idea would work well for both players and coaches.

Visuals can pack a powerful punch. As you plan content, don’t forget to think through how they can help you tell a more impactful story.

2015 Selection Sunday Graphics

Are you looking for a little design inspiration? For your viewing pleasure, I’ve compiled some of the graphics created for Selection Sunday. Enjoy: