Blackhawks’ #WhatsYourGoal Embraces Emotional Content, Community & Wis

There are two key secrets to social media success: Emotional content and a strong community. Emotion matters in content because it’s relatable and triggers people to share. Whether it’s awe-inspiring, humorous, shocking, etc., content should evoke a feeling for your audience.

For the latter, community is what separates social media from other distribution methods. The platforms aren’t just an opportunity to push; they are an opportunity to connect, engage and build relationships. Teams and have to take the time to build their army of fans online.

When you combine the two, it’s a powerful combination.

The Blackhawks have embraced both emotional content and community in winning fashion through their #WhatsYourGoal campaign. The campaign, which has run for a couple seasons now, asks fans to share their goals every Wednesday that the team can help them achieve. The result is an inspiring, humorous and heart-warming collection of user-generated content.



It does not end with strong UGC though. The Blackhawks take the time to engage with their fans and surprise and delight them. They don’t ask fans to share and walk away; they give them a reason to share by listening and engaging. The surprises range from a reply and tickets to an all-out, unique and personal experience with members of the team.



And for those really unique, personal experiences, the Blackhawks always tap into the emotional story of the fan. They bring to life an amazing experience and let the rest of their fans in along for the ride. The content they capture around the campaign will leave you reaching for tissues. Here are a few examples.



#WhatsYourGoal is powerful for a lot of reasons:


The CTA for fans is simple. All they have to do is share their goal that the Blakhawks can help them achieve. They don’t even have to upload a photo or video. It’s literally as easy as one-two-three.


It’s Franchised

#WhatsYourGoal is pushed every Wednesday, so like a Throwback Thursday, fans anticipate it every week. There’s power in the routine here. Fans to know what the ask is and when to expect it.


Rewarding Community

If you want to build a community online, it’s important to take the time for your audience and thank them. Through this campaign the Blackhawks prompt dialogue, listen, engage– and most importantly– thank their fans. It does not take much, but simple gestures towards those who engage in your community can go a long way in building brand ambassadors.


Emotional Storytelling

As mentioned, the Blackhawks don’t just uncover emotional stories and walk away. They give fans personal experience and do a great job documenting in. Fans seem to anticipate the video stories just as much as they do the opportunity to engage with the brand. That’s when you know you have a content win.

It’s easy to get caught up in the crazy day-to-day of sports, but this campaign proves if you can take a step back to focus on emotional content and community, it’s a huge win.




What do you think about the #WhatsYourGoal campaign? Share your thoughts below!

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