3 Strong Content Plays from the San Jose Sharks

During the NHL Playoffs, there were a few things that caught my eye about the San Jose Shark’s approach to content. From a dynamic GIF series to opponent match-up content, they manage to the push the envelope and stay true to their brand. If you need a little content inspiration, check out the three strong plays from the Sharks below.


Dynamic, doodle GIFS.

The San Jose Sharks have one of the most creative and dynamic in-game GIFs series I’ve seen. The GIFS remind me of a stellar Snapchat doodle, but animated. They’re unique, well executed and infused with personality. Take a look at them.

The best in-game GIFS play to the emotion at the time. These work because they entertain, show personality and add to the viewing experience. And, on top of that, they push the creative execution. The San Jose Sharks in-game GIFS are a great example of dynamic content that captures attention.


Fun, game day information content.

There are certain things you have to publish on your channels that are going to be a little drier. That’s a fact. Things like game day information aren’t meant to entertain; they’re meant to inform. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to have some fun with drier content to get people to pay attention.

During the playoffs, the San Jose Sharks had a series that showed fans “how to get in playoff mode”. The step-by-step instructions were a fun spin and the information was easy to absorb. Plus, the creative was eye-catching. It’s a good example of taking something that could be extremely dry and having a little more fun.

6️⃣ easy steps to turn #PlayoffModeOn for Game 4.

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As mentioned earlier, there are certain things you might have to push out that aren’t as bright and shiny. Still, it’s worth pushing the envelope on how to convey that information. We are all competing for attention. If your fans need to know important information, find a way to make them see it.


Fun opponent content.

There is something about the brand the San Jose Sharks that is a little eclectic and can push the edge. And, during the playoffs, their they did a stellar job hyping up each opponent match-up.

Their face-off content often infused culture and a little bit of savageness to get fans hyped (but in a way that was brand right). While this wouldn’t work for all teams, it feels right for the voice and tone they’ve built. And, I love the extra dose of creativity here.


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It’s always fun to see how teams push the limits of their creativity. And, the San Jose Sharks are a great example of that. What have you seen during the NHL Playoffs that stood out?

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