NFL Teams Showcase Creativity With Their Schedule Releases

Thanks to social and digital, it seems that there’s a need for everything to be more elevated now. The news cycle doesn’t start and end with the season, and neither does the need to create good content.

One of the proofs that everything is more elevated is how NFL teams handled their schedule releases this year. From fantastic hype videos to unique GIFS, the content around the releases was unique and elevated. Below are some examples. Hopefully they inspire creativity in your work!



The Seahawks social and digital team decided to do something completely off the wall and different for their schedule release. Have you ever seen the popular tasty-style videos on social? Inspired by those, the digital media team “baked” the schedule in cupcake form.

The reaction was tremendous, garnering them attention from the media, fans and everyone in the social industry.

One of the great things about social is its short shelf life. The ability to try new things, learn and adapt swiftly is huge. Don’t fear failing. If your team comes up with something crazy, it might just work. Give it a go and don’t look back.



There’s something about Vine that makes content stand out from all the noise. The enhancements the platform has made to sound + the looping nature makes for dynamic content. The Packers schedule tease was done through Vine. It’s the perfect example of how Vine content should be created.



The 49ers nailed their schedule release content with a GIF and hype-like video. The GIF was an easy visual to see the schedule all at once, while the hype video played into emotions. The song choice and powerful, documentary-like opening in their video caught my attention early and pulled me in. And as we all know, catching any kind of attention these days is a big win.



The Vikings always produce stellar work, from their clean and sharp graphical treatments to their fantastic Vines. Their schedule release content was no exception. They too give us a great example of how Vine can be used. The helmet concept is simple, but entertaining and effective.



When you have certain stories you tell over and over every year, I believe in finding different angles to take. What’s different about the story from last year? The Cowboys put together a GIF that highlight fun stats and tidbits. It’s a great example of finding different storylines.



What other NFL schedule release content stood out to you? Share below!

Thanks for reading. 

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