2016 Football Hype Videos

Another football season, means another season of epic hype videos that will give you all the chills. I’ve put together a collection of some of the best ones I’ve stumbled upon for you to enjoy.



The Gators go way beyond campus in their hype video and tap into affinity throughout the entire state. The emotional, strong nod to Florida makes this one a winner.


Philadelphia Eagles

Working with 160over90, the Eagles always have strong hype videos that go well beyond the field. They focus on the city. The community. The tradition. I especially love the “local” credits at the end of this one.


Minnesota Gophers

The intro visuals and voiceover is strong in the “Under the Lights” video from the Gophers.


GSU Football

GSU picked a great thematic that really speaks to the current chapter of their program. It does a nice job of telling the story of where they’ve been and where they’re going with a hopeful, optimistic tone.



UGA has one of the best video departments in the country. They always nail their storytelling with interesting thematics and strong scripts. Love the lines in this video and that fact that the series is treated like a movie trailer with installments.

“True storytelling is the story of life. And this is the telling of the most important story. Our story. Love the focus on values, culture. Welcome to our humble tale.”



This is a more traditional hype video, but the voiceover from the student-athletes is powerful and strong.


Notre Dame

This video is part of Notre Dame’s partnership with Bleacher Report. Again, a more traditional video but the intro is powerful, music is on point and highlights cut just right.


Ole Miss

Game day is always different. Game day is special. Love the intro to Ole Miss’ hype reel and the way they showcase offseason footage to set the tone.



Nebraska has realized a couple strong videos, one tapping into the offseason and one on the opportunity to play. Both emotional and high-energy, the videos are extremely well done.



The Seahawks always do a great job of tapping way beyond the field. They tap into their city, the passion of their fans and even the PNW. The even have a local, PNW guy featured in their voiceover. This is a stellar hype video that taps into the uniqueness of their team and their fans.



So simple and sleek, it works. Proof that good content and videos don’t need to be overly complicated.


Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis defining what a Raven is, for the win. This is another good example of going beyond a highlight reel to tap into the sentiment of your fans.



Really love the intro of this video and the use of fan UGC.



This video is long, but it’s really long done. It’s not just an ode to the 49ers, but an ode to the city of San Francisco. I love the footage choices, the nostalgia and the strong voiceover. If a video is going to be four minutes, this is how it should be done.



What video above is your favorite? Share your thoughts below.


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