Sports Biz Videos that Prove the Power of Emotion

As most of you know by now, I’m a big believer in the power of video to tell a story. I love anything that taps into emotion, whether it is humor, nostalgia, thrill, happiness, empathy or awe. And video helps to convey emotion because it shows, not tells. Content that evokes emotion connects the consumer/fan in a way that compels them to pay attention and share. Emotion is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful marketing tools.

To serve as some inspiration for your content, I’ve rounded up another list of sports-related videos you need to watch now. I’m sure something will inspire you in your work, so enjoy:


Under Armour: How It Ends

This video is clearly speaking to Under Armour’s younger consumer who is still playing the game. The concept is simple, but the script is strong and inspiring. It’s a great example of how an inspirational video does not have to be too complex. Well done from Under Armour!


Speedo USA: Fueled by Water

Speedo is trying to change the perception of their brand to appeal to a wider range of athlete, not just the competitive one. This video, “Fueled by Water”, kicked off their campaign. It’s for anyone and everyone who loves the water. It’s for the young and old and everyone in between. I think Speedo nailed their big idea here: As they say in the video, it’s about finding your forever pace. Speedo and their agency tapped into how swimming makes you feel. And the emotion here makes me want to get back into the pool and start swimming laps.

In addition to the video, Speedo has launched a much larger campaign. You can check out the microsite and other initiatives here.


Binghamton Athletics- No. 1 Fan

Binghamton Athletics shows how you can create something special without a large production budget. They tapped into emotion, focusing on the special bond between parents and student-athletes.  This “surprise and delight” video stunt captures what it means to be a student-athlete at Binghamton and the powerful journey both parents and athletes go on. The end result is a wonderful and delightful video that leaves you tearful. After watching, you will want to thank those in your life who have helped you along the way.


Chicago Blackhawks-#WhatsYourGoal Christina

Grab some tissues for this one. This is what sports are all about. This is the story of how Patrick Sharp helps a fan’s dream come true. It’s a great reminder that the power of sports transcends far beyond the scoreboard.


UGA- We Belong to the G

UGA has found a way to tell a powerful story of their team, their fans and the passion of the UGA community. Just watch and listen to the powerful words. I promise it will make you remember why we all love sports.


Together- Washington DC

This is the video Washington DC put together for their Olympic Bid. And, in my opinion, the video taps into the emotion and energy of their city and people perfectly.


NBA- Breaking Barriers

I’m not always a fan of brands jumping on holidays, but the NBA has a rich history of firsts when it comes to breaking down racial barriers and proverbial glass ceilings. This connection to the holiday makes sense for their brand and their history, and the spot was tastefully done.


GoPro- On the Ice with the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) created this video to announce a new partnership with GoPro. The series will allow fans to “step on the ice” and catch a rare glimpse into the players’ unique skill sets. This video does a great job tapping into the excitement and anticipation of the partnership.


Duke Basketball- The Next Chapter

This video from Duke Athletics is really well done. It taps into the rich history of their program and the dreams of their current players. It’s a great balance between the present and the future, and a great example of how hype videos can tap into emotion.


Colts- Two Claps

This video is a great example of how fans crave behind-the-scenes content. It’s raw and unedited, but has had more than 5 million views on Facebook. It brings the passion of the team to the fans.


Minnesota Gophers- Through the Lens

I already featured this video series on the blog, but it’s worth another plug. Minnesota Wrestling’s “Through the Lens” series is a great example of how teams can tell the personal stories of their team and take fans along the emotional journey. I love how the Gophers have found several different angles to tap into. The whole series is worth nothing.


Georgetown- Jack Meets Blue III

This video doesn’t have a huge emotional play, but it’s fun and brings two fanbases together. Plus, who doesn’t like dogs? I think this is a great example of thinking creatively about the stories you can tell. It’s fresh, fun and fans loved it.


So there you have it: 12 great sport-centric videos to serve as inspiration to you. I hope you enjoyed them all.




Have you see any videos lately from teams, leagues or others in the sports industry that caught your attention? Be sure to share them below.

As always, thanks for reading! 

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